Vlada Predelina & Jake Caleb: Homeware for Hibernation, 22-24 October (yes! that's only 3 days long!) from 14h-20h.
Booking required, do it here. Or send me a time through the 'Hello' page.
Saturday 24th before the clocks fall back, we'll be internet-broadcasting the extra hour hour, with Joshua Thies of RAAR, listen here from 19h
For now: masks are required, hand sanitiser is provided, and only one visitor/household at a time. Thanks for visiting carefully!

Tracy Hanna and Kari Robertson, Young feelings, now open - Thursday-Saturday, 14-18h. With thanks to Simone Pinyol!

In other news, Richard from WORM interviewed Ash about LIFE and you can read it here.


A living room for portative works

Keileweg 14a

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