A candle-holder plate of glazed earthenware. As seen at the Broken Bell Tavern, in the exhibition KLOPPEN AUB, BEL IS KAPOT at puntWG in Amsterdam, 2019.


Three legs/candle-holes frame the incised outline of the Farmer's outstretched hand. He's in the Tavern with the Duke, his landlord, gossiping about the poor harvest and pesky church tithes (and hoping for a handout from the Duke). Just don't order the beer! Better to get the mead.


It's about 25cm across, 5-6mm thick (irregular!) and the legs about that length underneath, so it floats really nicely on your dining table/side table/windowsill. Candles not included so add some of those to cart too?

KLOPPEN AUB, 'Farmer's meal' (2019)

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