Silvia says: "On August 2019 I moved to The Netherlands and the next month I started working at a marketing company. On June 2020 I got fired and due to the global situation we were not able to gather for the last drink, as they usually do. Instead, they sent me a bouquet to my place. This soaps are made with the dried flowers of that bouquet, and together with the essential oils I chose like Neroli or Rosemary, are a perfect combination for soothing away the worries of the day, relieve fatigue and increase mental clarity, everything I needed at the end of every journey while working in that office."



Vegetable soap pulp made of coconut and sapeseed oil. Free from sulphate and palm oil.

A high glycerin content provides extra moisturising properties. Neroli Pure Essential Oil. Velvet Queen Sunflower elements.

SILVIA ARENAS, Farewell Soaps (transparent II), (2020)

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