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Actually, this is a script for a play by Yves Mercol, but Ghislain has published it (translated it, edited it, designed it and printed it under his imprint Peach Books) and brings it to our attention.


Yves Mercol (1948-2011) was a French playwright and teacher. In 1985, he adapted Euripides' 408-406BC telling of the myth of Iphigenia as a play for students at the high school in Saint-Etienne, where he taught. Amar's re-publication of the script is not only a document of Mercol's work, but an open invitation for anyone who may be interested in using the play for their own personal or collective projects.


Published by Peach Books, Rotterdam, 2016


GHISLAIN AMAR, 'Iphigenia'

€ 10,00Price
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