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Julia Burtin Zortea speaks from the present, propelled by her desires and drawn to new encounters. It’s through the prism of power relations that she makes sense of reality.
Over the last decade, she has been producing magazines and periodicals, developing a form of writing that is both welcoming and inquisitive. Together with others, Julia weaves her way along fault-lines amidst the uncertainty and permanent movement of existence. She moves and acts in the world, translating her experiences into practices and modes of language that sometimes elude her, but where she feels a pull or a resistance. Always with this recurrent question: how to live well in a precarious world?

Format: 102 × 232 mm
Pages: 80
Languages: Français/English
Contributors: Amélie Laval, Diane Etienne, Pauline Barzilai, Marion Jdanoff, Jeanne Carminati, Elsa Abderhamani
Translator: Sylvie Planel
Editorial Ass.: Séverine Gorlier, Marie-Claude Zavaroni
Release: December 2021
ISBN: 9782491604042

Idoine & Julia Burtin Zortea (2021)

€ 10,00Price
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