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Interview realized on april 22th, 2016 in Stockholm.

Born from the desire to do together, from the need to renew the format of the art fair and affirm art as a meeting place, Minimarket, established in 2006, is a collective exhibition, gathering artist-run spaces and acting ironically off the official contemporary art fair.

Initially displaying ten booths of one square metre, Minimarket became the year after Supermarket, the independent contemporary art fair in Stockholm. Supermarket is an initiative of a group of Swedish artists. Andreas Ribbung and Pontus Raud has been part of it from the beginning, later joined by Meggi Sandell.


About Idoine:

Sometimes a crow or a raven, in order to crack open a nut, will stop at a red light, put it on the road and, once the light turns green, expect cars to drive over the nut, leaving its content exposed. The context in which this bird lives, influences its ways of doing things, so to speak, opens possibilities and creates challenges.Idoine is the will to share a curiosity and an appetite for modes of operation, conditions for its guests’ surfacing of tools and internal logic.Idoine is led by Jérémy Glâtre, Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni and Pascale Riou, in collaboration with guests and occasional fellow travelers.



Format: 102 × 176 mm
Pages: 64
Languages: Français/English
Translator: Idoine & Jennifer Lawson
Release: Octobre 2016
ISSN: 2430-7572

Idoine & Supermarket (2016)

€ 5,00Price
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