Woman Sitting at the Machine, Thinking and Censorship is a two-part collection of poems by typesetter, activist and poet Karen Brodine. First published posthumously in 1990 as a reflection on her life
 as a typesetter, union organiser and lesbian, this series of ‘work poems’ chronicles labour struggles, both personal and collective, and draws on her experience growing up surrounded by socialist feminists immediately following the wrath of McCarthyism.


It is the second title from Unbidden Tongues, a series edited by Isabelle Sully that focuses on previously produced yet relatively uncirculated work by cultural practitioners busy with questions surrounding civility and civic life—particularly so in relation to language.


Pages: 32

Size: 5.51″ × 8.86″ × 0.24″

ISBN:  9789492308245

Published by Unbidden Tongues, an imprint of Publication Studio Rotterdam

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Karen Brodine: Woman Sitting at the Machine... (ed. Isabelle Sully) (2020)

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