Lili Huston-Herterich, OTHER PEOPLE, 2020

Felted wool

80 x 60 cm -ish


Lili says:

"tl;dr: I’m selling this work for a 1000USD donation to the Chicago Community Bond Fund. It is a felt work with metal grommets, around 2ft x 2.5ft.


I made this work in April, while I was still in self-quarantine in my apartment in Rotterdam. Originally, it was about the complicated new relationships with other people – involving infection, threat, protection, distance, longing – the COVID-19 pandemic created. My original intention was to sell the work and donate the proceeds to an organization supporting individuals at higher risk due to quarantine and the virus.


But, for reasons involving my own vanity, worried the work wasn’t finished enough, and also my own perpetual procrastination (particularly during those months), I never offered the work forward. I put it in storage this weekend in preparation to move to Stockholm for the summer.


This morning, dear Rotterdam friends Merve Kilicer and Honey Jones-Hughes helped retrieve the work out of storage and photograph it, a huge help from friends becasue I've already left the city. I’m selling it for a 1000USD donation to the Chicago Community Bond Fund.


I’m not sure I want to write too much to re-contextualize Other People with the anti-racist, anti-police protests happening right now. But I can say: as a white woman who has moved very freely in this world – from Chicago to Toronto to Rotterdam to Sweden, frictionless, always reaping the rewards of a benefit of a doubt, never experiencing the violence of borders, the hostility of systemic racism – I offer the work as a reminder of our (the white patriarchal society) reliance on and perpetuated violence towards other people. For fucking centuries, spanning the old and new worlds."


LIFE will cover transaction and shipping costs so that 100% of the sale price gets to the Chicago Community Bond Fund. If you love this work and the cause, but can't afford it alone, consider teaming up with some friends to share the work. You can also contact LIFE to arrange payment by installments, if this makes the big donation possible for you. Otherwise, consider just donating what you can directly to CCBF and other organisations in your own local area that work to fight antiblackness. Thanks <3



€ 890,00Price